Holiday Road Moratorium

To help ease holiday traffic the City of Lancaster recently adopted a Holiday Moratorium period, which restricts work in the public right-of-way during the holiday season. The City of Lancaster would like to inform residents, businesses, utility companies and other contractors, that between November 15, 2018 and January 2, 2019, work on the following roads that is expected to last more than one day, will be prohibited.

• Primary Arterial Roads (e.g. 10th St W, 20th St W, etc.)
• Secondary Arterial Roads (e.g. Ave J-8, 15th St W, etc.)
• Collector Streets (e.g. Lancaster BLVD, 15th St E, etc.)

Projects currently under construction in the right-of-way must be completed by November 15, 2018. Please note that during the Holiday Moratorium period, there may be projects still taking place in residential neighborhoods. If this occurs, staff will work with contractors to assure that the impact is minimal for residents. For additional information regarding the Holiday Moratorium, please contact the City of Lancaster's Design Engineering Section at 661-945-6869.