Related Projects

Revive 25 is just one part of a much larger story -- the City of Lancaster is working to improve all aspects of our community’s safety, walkability, sustainability, and overall quality of life. Other ongoing efforts toward this larger goal include:

Summer of Sidewalks 
Starting in June 2017, the City of Lancaster is investing over $700,000 to improve more than 22,500 SF of sidewalks throughout the city, not to mention over 100 curb and gutter replacements and more than a dozen curb ramps that will be updated to improve American with Disabilities (ADA) access. The project is expected to be completed by September 2017. Check out the maps below to see which areas are included as part of the Summer of Sidewalks project.

Curb & Gutter Projects


Traffic Safety Improvements
To make our roads as safe as possible, the City is installing a number of improvements throughout the City which are aimed at reducing speeds, thereby reducing collisions and other dangerous traffic-related incidents. These improvements include:

State Route 138/State Route 14 Corridor Enhancement Project
The City of Lancaster is currently working on projects to enhance five (5) interchanges along State Route 138/State Route 14 - Avenue G, Avenue J (20th St West), Avenue K, Avenue L, and Avenue M. Each interchange is being evaluated to determine how to improve access, repair roads and ramps, improve directional signage and enhance the streetscape at these key entry and exit points of the city. These projects are funded by Measure R funds. Public outreach and stakeholder input began in the Spring 2016. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2018. For updates on the project, visit the Corridor Enhancement Project website by clicking here.

Master Plan For Trails and Bikeways
The Master Plan for Trails and Bikeways is used to guide the planning and design of pedestrian, bicycle and equestrian facilities throughout Lancaster, with the overall goal of facilitating the development of a pleasant, safe, and convenient non-motorized transportation network that can be utilized by community members of all ages and abilities. The Master Plan for Trails and Bikeways is an on-going plan that is being incorporated as new development projects and road reconstruction projects take place throughout the city.   

Master Plan of Complete Streets
In partnership with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), the City of Lancaster has commenced work on developing an overall long-term plan for complete streets within the City that would seek to balance the needs of motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians with the goal of improving public health, safety, economic viability, and sustainability. One component of developing this overall "Master Plan of Complete Streets" is utilizing the traffic model developed for the City’s General Plan effort to assist in determining and evaluating street design approaches that would meet the City’s long-term goals. Project is still in the early planning stages. Additional informaiton about the project will be made available soon. 

Medical Main Street
The City of Lancaster has partnered with Antelope Valley Hospital to establish a new health district that will encompass hospital services and medical offices alongside mixed-use developments that integrate such elements as gyms, health-oriented non-profit organizations, activity centers, health food stores, green spaces, and walking paths to encourage healthy, active lifestyles.  Click here to see a map of the proposed district boundaries.

ADA Upgrades
Upgrades are being made throughout Lancaster to ensure our citizens with disabilities can safely travel about our City limits.